Improvised Garden Structure

In the list of plans for next spring are two grape arbors in our garden for our heirloom organic red grapes. These grape vines are at least fifty years old.

Our lakeside garden area had been gardened years ago but then it was let go for many years. We are slowly reclaiming it. Next year is the year to get the red grapes permanently situated.

In the meantime I have kept the vines clipped back allowing for enough leaves to soak in some sun and nutrients. This year this particular vine was laying on the ground when my husband noticed it had quite a few grapes on it. So he grabbed two old pallets that I had been wanting to burn, leaned them together tent style and draped the grapes over them.

I love it! The action threw a bit of rustic character into the scene. The grapes (there is another red grape vine about 25 foot from this one) will have new proper arbors next year but maybe I’ll hang on to those old pallets.

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