Why Detox My Body?

The reasons for detoxing your body are simple; to obtain a longer and better quality of life.

Symptoms of toxicity include but are not limited to joint pain, headaches, digestive and elimination disorders, sleep problems, low energy, mental fog and overall sluggishness, depression and memory issues.

What detoxing does:

  • Removes Toxins such as industrial and agricultural contaminates, heavy metals, plastics, stored medications and preservatives. These all contain cancer and other disease causing chemicals that affect our immune systems, endocrine system, nervous and muscular systems. They affect our metabolism, our mental clarity and our behavior.
  • Prevents chronic disease and illness by pulling the contaminants out and freeing the body’s overloaded natural detoxification system. All undamaged organs are restored back to their proper working order and the immune system is enhanced and energy is restored.
  • Increases skin quality and natural beauty by restoring skin to a healthy color and glow and by strengthening hair, nails and teeth. It treats and quite often cures acne and bad breath.
  • Promotes weight loss through the elimination of toxins that slow metabolism.
  • Slows the physical aging process by ridding the body of free radicals and heavy metals that are partially responsible for premature aging. It restores the body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that keep our bodies young and healthy.

In today’s world, detoxing is essential. It balances our body’s systems and restores them to function properly with one another.

On the web along with many good and factual articles, you will also find numerous misleading articles on cleansing. From those who say there is no particular order in which to cleanse to those who say it is bunk and you can not cleanse an organ. I know from personal experience, working in the natural health field and living closely with   others who doctor naturally that organ detoxification is a real thing. I have seen it cure many ailments as well as save people from having to have organs operated on or removed and I know in some cases it has saved people from life threatening situations.

The detoxing process should be approached in a very methodical way and after a parasite cleansing has been done.

The organs to actually run through a consecutive cleansing process are Gall bladder, Liver, Kidneys and Colon. 

Organ cleansing requires a bit of introspective common sense. If you are on any medications you should consult your doctor before cleansing. The Cleansing process will strip medications out of the organs and eject them from the body. Also, you want to be sure your kidneys are healthy enough to handle the extra toxins that may be filtered through them. You may want to cleanse these first and then re-cleanse. (I will address this in the How to detox articles)

There are other types of cleansing processes such as for the lungs or skin. There are also cleansing foods to add to your diet. Eventually, I will blog about them all. In the end they all work to achieve the same goal: to obtain a longer and better quality of life.


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