How to Parasite Cleanse

There are numerous packaged cleanses out there. I only do what I call whole food or tinctured cleanses.

If you are parasite cleansing, stop eating the foods that feed them. These include processed foods, fried foods, carbohydrates such as pasta and flours, sodium and sugar. If the food is not in the form in which God made it in (it’s naturally grown state), don’t eat it.

*If you do not alter your diet, the parasite cleanse will still work. It is just healthier and it makes sense to create an environment within your body that is not so appealing for the parasites to call home.

A parasite cleanse should be done before or at the same time as a bowel/colon cleanse.  Parasite cleansing can also be done at anytime on its own.

*Your whole family should cleanse at the same time so that those who do not will not immediately reinfect those who did.

Here is the simple recipe and the 7 day regimen that I use:

  • Tincture of Black Walnut (from the black walnut tree)
  • Capsule of Wormwood (from the artemisia shrub)
  • Capsule of Clove (from the clove tree)

When used together the black walnut and wormwood kill the parasites (must use both, they kill different ones) and the clove kills their eggs. All three must be used at the same time.

DAY 1:  In the morning in a glass of water drink 1 drop of black walnut, take 1 wormwood and one clove capsule.  Repeat the clove, 1 at noon and 1 at night.

DAY 2: 2 drops black walnut, 1 wormwood and 2 clove. Repeat clove 2@noon, 2@ nigh.t

DAY 3: 3 drops black walnut, 2 wormwood and 3 clove. Repeat clove 3 @ noon, 3 @ night.

DAY 4: 4 drops black walnut, 3 wormwood and 3 clove. Repeat clove 3 @ noon, 3 @ night.

DAY 5: 5 drops black walnut, 3 wormwood and 3 clove. Repeat clove 3@ noon, 3 @ night.

DAY 6: 2 teaspoons black walnut, 3 wormwood, 3 clove. Repeat clove 3 @ noon, 3 @ night.

Day 7: 2 teaspoons black walnut, 3 wormwood, 3 clove. Repeat clove 3 @ noon, 3 @ night.

In one week, repeat Day 7.

A maintenance cleanse of Day 7 should be done every other week for those who live with pets and for those who do not want to create an anti parasite environment within their or their children’s bodies and homes. And, all of us should repeat the 7 day cleanse or do an 18 day cleanse about once per year.

You can find the dosing for children and pets on Dr. Hulda Clark’s website along with much more detailed information including a comprehensive list of infestation symptoms.

* I suggest purchasing Dr. Hulda Clark’s parasite cleansing regimen on Amazon. It is pure and exactly the right ingredients. Then, just follow their directions.


Another option is the all natural parasite cleansing regimen pictured above from One Life USA that is the same as Dr. Clark’s. She actually helped set this company up to her rigid specifications. The cost at the time of this article is $39.95 and it is enough for one person to do an 18 day cleanse. It comes with complete instructions as well as a support number and a pamphlet that answers the most common questions.

*If you are allergic to walnuts, do not ingest the black walnut tincture.

Cleansing Reactions: These most commonly include but are not limited to,

  • Discomfort
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness

I have never personally experienced any of these symptoms although I have seen a few parasites eliminated from my body. You will want to look closely at what you eliminate from your body. The more parasites you have, the more likely you will experience elimination symptoms.

If you experience severe symptoms, do an immediate enema. This will bring immediate relief.

Taking 500mg each of Ornithine and Arginine will help the colon and bowel to eliminate the overload of toxins. They must be taken together. See Dr. Clark’s website for accurate dosing if you think you must do this.

A Few Eating Tips That Help To Rid The Body Of Parasites:

Eating a large plate full of heavy mixed greens (kale, chard, spinach, red lettuce) everyday, preferably with raw veggies, will also pull out parasites as well as help to regulate and clean your colon. It will also give you a huge vitamin and mineral boost for your immune system.

Pumpkin seeds and papaya seeds have parasite killing properties.

Taking VitaminD helps ward off infestation.

Diatomaceous Earth is all natural and can be taken orally and it also kills parasites. Be sure to research this thoroughly before using it.

Eating an overall healthy diet that does not contain processed food and high carbohydrate (pastas and flours) and high fat intake, raw meats including sushi, high sodium and sugar will help to create an environment less appealing for parasites to call home.

We are all exposed to them frequently; some of us more than others but it is possible to stay free from infestation. Cleanse, eat to create a non parasite supporting environment, and keep up with maintenance cleansing.

One last thing. Dogs are the number one transmitters of parasites to humans. They can also be treated naturally. As members of your family, they, you and all your family should be cleansing at the same time. Please access Dr. Hulda Clark’s website for information.




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