Autumn Joy for Pollinators

The Sedum, “Autumn Joy” is a gorgeous part of any garden. This beautiful perennial stonecrop plant is hardy and adaptable in zones 3-8. I have some planted in full sun as well as mostly shaded areas. It needs no extra water aside from rain unless conditions are near drought.

Each year the plant will grow a bit wider and fuller, always reaching about 1 1/2 to 2 feet high. The Autumn Joy planted in full sun always grow tallest. I cut them right to the ground just after the snow melts in the spring.  Usually the new growth has already begun to bubble up from the ground. I leave the old plant through the winter both for winter interest and for the birds to eat the seeds.


Autumn Joy blooms in beautiful shades from pink to burgundy and lavender to purple in late summer and through the fall months. In late fall the blooms turn to a rusty color and eventually grey when winter sets in. Some varieties have mixed yellow blooms also.

And, for the pollinators, it is like catnip is to cats. Every kind of bee and butterfly will visit these plants.


If you are looking to add more fall color to your surroundings, Autumn Joy is definitely a good choice.

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