Basic Kidney Cleansing

There are numerous ways and varying degrees of cleansing the kidneys however, a good basic kidney cleanse is fairly simple. The purpose is to flush toxins, debris and bad bacteria from the kidneys.

To begin, stop eating all refined/processed foods, sugar and sodium. This includes all restaurant food, pop and baked goods of any kind. In fact, you will get a better cleanse if you stay away from cooked foods. (It’s just for 7 days.) Like I always say, “If it’s not in the form God made it in, don’t eat it”.

For 7 days eat only whole organic foods. You can graze all day if you like, on fresh fruits, vegetables and greens, or you can eat 3 meals. I like grazing. I eat a bit of this and a bit of that throughout the day and ultimately eat much less and feel much better.

Drink at least 8 16oz glasses of water per day. Your purpose is to flush and increase urination.

Drink 3 cups Dandelion leaf tea per day. This is one of the most effective kidney cleansing herbs and very easy to find. Be sure the tea is organic and has nothing else added to it. Two good brands to buy are Alvita and Celebration Herbs. Dandelion leaf is diuretic, increases urination and dissolves kidney stones.

 Drink 3 cups of Cranberry Juice 3 times per day. Cranberries flush uric acid from the body and eliminate infection causing bacteria from the kidneys. Once again, be sure the cranberry juice is pure. There should be no other ingredients. Lakewood is an excellent brand of juice to buy.

And, that’s it! Simply adjust your diet and Drink, Drink, Drink to Flush, Flush, Flush!



*If you have kidney disease or are seeing a doctor for any kidney related ailment, consult your physician before doing a cleanse. 

*If you take regular medications for any reason, consult your doctor. Some medications can be flushed from the body.

*Please Do Not Allow a skeptical doctor to deter you from doing the cleanse as long as you have his blessing to do so.

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