Wool, Not Just For Warmth

Wool comes from sheep skin. Along with linen it is one of the two natural non toxic fabrics man has used to clothe himself since the beginning. We often think, “wool in the winter, linen in the summer.” However, wool has been worn in dessert regions since its inception.

Wool has an energy vibration frequency of 5,000. For you this means comfort, healing and protection.



  • Flexible and Durable. It has a multi part fiber that resists wear. A wool fiber can be bent back on itself 20,000 times without breaking. Comparatively, cotton’s flexibility is 3,000 and silk 2,000.
  • Resilient. The 3 dimensional molecular structure acts like a coiled spring. Wool can be stretched 50% more when wet and 30% more when dry and still bounce back making it virtually tear resistant. The recovery time is expedited in humid environments, therefore steaming wool not only freshens the garment but also helps it return it to its original shape.
  • Resists Wrinkles.
  • Resists Soiling and Oder. Wool clothing can be steamed either in a bag with a moisture cloth in your dryer or with a steamer or steam iron to freshen it’s appearance. NEVER DRY CLEAN YOUR WOOL GARMENT. If you do, it becomes a toxic garment. *I have a “wool” setting on my wash machine. I have used it on very stinky from storage (wool can temporarily hold intense odors that it has been stored with) and never washed vintage wool garments with great success.
  • Natural UV Protection Barrier
  • Static Resistant
  • Repels and Absorbs Moisture as Well as Warms, both to a benefit. Wool absorbs up to 30% of it’s weight in moisture without feeling damp. It always absorbs from the humid environment and releases into the dry. Wool will absorb perspiration keeping a dry layer of air next to your skin. Wool blankets are used to wrap people suffering from hypothermia. keeping a dry layer of air next to the skin helps the body to retain it’s own heat. Likewise, as wool absorbs atmospheric moisture, the hydrogen bond of water is broken and chemically reacts with the molecules of the wool to generate heat.
  • Comfortable in All Seasons. Wool has been traditionally worn throughout dessert regions due to the principles explained above. However, for us here in Michigan and like climates, wool is a source of winter warmth and protection from the dampness.


  • Improves sleep by regulating body temperature and heart rate. Remember, if using wool for bed warmth, do not use linen. PJ’s too!


  • Non Flamable. Because wool contains moisture in each of its fibers, it does not support combustion. Wool blankets are used to extinguish fires.

Allergic Reactions:  Most reactions to wool are not due to allergy.  The grade of wool and the type of garment often have a great deal to do with allergy type symptoms. Coarser grades of wool can be a bit prickly and can cause red rash or bumps. The allergy like symptoms can also be caused by chemicals and dyes that are sometimes found in cheaper wool products.

Purchase designer wear wools and clothing made by reputable wool companies. They usually use finer spun wools such as Merino or ultra fine Merino, their dyes are higher quality and chemical sprays are not normally used.

Quality wool garments and blankets can be found on sale, on clearance and at stores like Marshall’s and Home Goods (where I purchased my two Pendleton blankets at a steal) just like shopping for anything else. Seek out wool clothiers and haunt their sale racks. It is much wiser and healthier to have fewer clothes of higher quality than a closet full of synthetics that wear out, look cheap and could be making you sick.


Don’t Forget to Heed the Warning of Deuteronomy 22:11- Do Not Wear Clothes of Wool and Linen Together.

Do not combine them in your bedding either. Wool and Linen both have an energy frequency of 5,000. Scientific studies have shown that wearing the two fabrics at the same time causes the energy fields to go flat. They cancel each other out. This has been proven to have a direct effect on human health and behavior. Our creator knew this and warned us.

In my research awhile back I came across the testimony of a woman who had purchased linen sheets to sleep in because of their comfort and healing abilities. From the first night she would wake up every morning with head to toe muscle aches and low energy. After seeing a doctor who couldn’t diagnose her, she began to research and quickly determined the problem. She had put her wool blanket on her bed along with her linen sheets. She removed the wool, slept sound and awoke the next morning energetic and with no aches.

I tried to find this testimony again to link it here but was unsuccessful. I believe it was in a product rating that she was sharing her experience. Anyway, I choose to learn from her mistake and do not need to prove anything to myself. If you wish to experiment, let me know how it goes.

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