Hello! Welcome to my blog. 

After years of battling the stress of the Sales, Retail Management and Corporate worlds, I made a life changing decision and went in a different direction. The first of February 2004 I began my practice of massage therapy. I am now considered a “deep tissue” massage therapist also skilled in ¬†Energy and balancing, Lymphatic drain, Spinal Alignment technique, and Raindrop therapy.

It was at this time that I really began to understand my body’s vast systems and how they are all integrated and work together along with the energy that connects me with my creator. I also began to understand nutrition and detoxification. A new journey began. A quest for health and longevity.

First I naturally detoxed using whole raw organic foods. Then I switched all my food from conventional to organic. I learned to read ingredients labels and researched all the words I had to learn how to pronounce. I became “all natural”.

A year later, once I had a good handle on food quality, I turned my focus to health and beauty products. Wow! Such toxic elixirs. Once again I learned the ingredients lists and quickly chucked them all. I learned which companies produced “natural” products with integrity (not all do) and actually began to use organic, natural food such as coconut oil to gain the same, yet better results. No more deodorant to clog up my lymph system! I will blog about that. That was a leap of faith but I don’t wear it and now I don’t need to. And eventually I became comfortable without make-up.

Once again, approximately a year later I cleared my house of toxic cleaning supplies. I now live in a no chemical house. Interestingly, Natural organic substances seem to clean better than the chemicals did and when using the right organic herbs, they also kill 99.9% of all germs.

During the time of changing health and beauty products I also began to learn how to doctor naturally. There is much to know in this field and I am still constantly learning.

I am now gluten free and sugar free. Eating of any flours and grains is limited but I still do the occasional pizza and pancakes.

I do not eat pork or shell fish but I am not a vegetarian. My beef portions have decreased greatly. The only fish I like is the occasional tuna. Mostly I will eat natural free-range chickens and sometimes their eggs.

I love to travel, take pictures and write. I am creative and like to do paper collage and altered artworks.

I love nature and the science of it’s complex world. I gather fallen nests, feathers and eggs.

I also love to garden. I garden organically. I am not a master gardener but I am the master of my garden. I research, research and research. I am constantly learning ways to improve my garden.

I hope you will enjoy as I blog about my journey both past and present and that it might inspire you to take whatever your next step is in gaining control over your own well being, longevity and personal surroundings.

Life is a journey of learning that takes a lifetime.

Karen Stilson Armour