Parasites, You Have Them!

Parasites are creepy! The thought of them living inside of you is even creepier. But they do! We all have them and you are no exception. In fact many of you have symptoms and ongoing illness caused by parasites that your doctors treat but will never tell you the cause.

Don’t just take my word for it. Visit the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website. This is a branch of the U.S. Government. Take a look at the Alphabetic Index of Parasite Diseases, just for an example of the sheer number of them. Unfortunately, their website used to speak more in layman’s terms. It now has been made to look more scientific. But if you click on the disease listed it will be explained or on the parasite listed, it will tell you the disease(s). Some are the horrific diseases that we hear about in 3rd world countries but others are common ailments and most people have no idea of their cause. Also, a point of interest to click into is Neglected Parasite Infections in the U.S., located in the page’s sidebar.

I borrowed this video excerpted from a National Geographic documentary. It is straight forward and comprehensively to the point. Its creepy but don’t give up, keep watching.


Ready to cleanse? When I did my first parasite cleanse ever, I saw them come out of me.  Back then I knew nothing of what I know about cleansing now. I had read a detailed article in a magazine I was subscribed to (sorry I didn’t save it) written by a scientist about he and another who lived for 30 days in the wild (I believe they did it in Yellowstone) eating only a detox regimen of wild organic greens. They too saw their bodies expel parasites. Symptoms they had been having disappeared. He then told readers how they could mimic this cleanse at home. so I did.

Read my next post on How to Parasite Cleanse. You should always do a parasite cleanse before you cleanse your organs to flush them of toxins.

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