Sushi, Nationwide Fraud Alert!

According to the environmental group Oceana, DNA tests of 700 restaurants in 21 states show that 33% of fish on the menu is mislabeled. What’s more alarming is 74% of fish tested at sushi bars is fraudulent. A whopping 94% of fish sold as white tuna is actually escolar.

Escolar, also known as butterfish, oilfish or waloo/walu, is a cheaper fish that swim’s in dangerous toxins. It is known for containing high amounts of mercury. Escolar eaten in quantity such as a “steak” can also cause explosive diarrhea.

Oceana also discovered that 90% of fish sold in restaurants comes from foreign sources, many of which do not have stringent safety laws.

Not only is sushi made with fish filled with parasites, it is very likely toxic.

*You can ask about the origin of the fish you are ordering but keep in mind the answer is likely to be very fishy.

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